Why Should You Learn French?

Why Should You Learn French?
There are a lot of reasons people might want to learn the French language. Perhaps it is because they are employed in Imports & Exports and feel that learning French could enhance their ability to better communicate business relations. On the other hand; it could be because they want to go to school in France and feel that picking up the language would certainly make the educational journey more beneficial. Of course it could be because they are planning a major vacation to France and they want to make their trip more enjoyable by being able to speak the language when they get there. If not the previously mentioned; then it could quite possibly even be because the French language is considered to be one of the most romantic in the world.

What do we know?

What we do know is that French is the second most sought after language, other than English, all around the globe. The English language is spoken in five countries; the French language is as well. French is also one of the official languages with numerous world organizations such as the Red Cross, The Olympic Committee, the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Business and art

France ranks high in the European Economic Community. Therefore the ability to speak the French language is definitely a plus. With so many countries around the world speaking the French language the capability of speaking the language only enhances your opportunities when you deal with them economically. In addition, many art students around the world are drawn to the French language because of France’s history when it comes to literature, education and art. The French have certainly done their share when it comes to technological advancements as well. French Scientists have also played a major role in many of the innovations we now use today. There is no better way to study and appreciate these accomplishments then through the beautiful French language itself.

Words of Atom

The French are also well known for their work in the field of Nuclear Physics where it is believed they have one of the largest research and development centers in the world. The French Doctors have had wonderful success in isolating the HIV Virus from an AIDS patient so that they could focus specifically on the disease itself. The point is; the French have played a major role in global technology for years and that only makes it more tempting to learn the language.

Start learning French today

The French language is widely spoken around the globe. For those people wishing to travel to France, go to school in France or seek employment with a company that deals with France, learning the French language can be a valuable asset to your journey. It is always a great reflection of character to learn a second language. It only extends the boundaries of your intelligence and allows you to communicate better with others in your world.